Plasma Cutting Ireland

CNC Plasma Cutting – Affordable & Fast

Low cost Plasma Cutting Ireland – A very efficient and accurate solution for preparing component shapes prior to fabricating a part.

Individual component drawings in DXF format are first imported into a nesting software to generate an optimum layout on the proposed raw material. Once the cutting plan is finalised, the layout is transferred to the CNC Plasma machine which will rapidly cut all the individual parts from the loaded plate using a completely automated cutting torch head. Dimensional accuracy as well as cut surface finish are far superior to manual methods and this directly translates to fast fabrication and machining.

Plasma cutting is particularly useful for cutting Aluminium and Stainless Steel parts. The advantages of using CNC Plasma profiling are, minimal set-up cost, fast turn-a-round, from 1 part to 100, accurate and consistent.

You can also use this service to personalise your product with your company name or logo. CNC Plasma profiling can also be used to create decorative metal art panels, surrounds or fencing/gate inserts.

Plasma Cutting Ireland - Grove Engineering


One-off Plasma Cut Parts Specialists

Unlike other Plasma Cutting Ireland companies, Grove Engineering will not shy away from supplying small one-off CNC plasma cut parts. Every plasma cut job receives the same dedication. So whether you are looking for a new custom made bracket to restore your Classic Car or wanting a large volume production of hydraulic tanks we are here to help.


Materials (Any conductive material)Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper etc
Max Job Length 3,000 mm
Max Job Width 1,500 mm
Max Job Thickness 40 mm
Min Job Thickness 0.9 mm
Max Job Weight 2,000 kg
Cutting Tolerance 0.25 mm over 3,000 mm,



* Automotive Parts * Aluminium Boat Kits
* Developed Sections * Aluminium and Stainless Steel parts
* Illuminated Signs * Any profile cut part required for fabrication

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