Metal Fabrication Dublin

Dublin Metal Fabrication Company operating for over 30 years

Grove Engineering Metal Fabrication Dublin, located in South City Business Centre, Tallaght, has been operating as a successful metal fabrication company for over 30 years. Founded by its present owner Joe Cosgrove in 1980, Grove Engineering has grown from strength to strength, and now offers a variety of products and services.

Along with our Dublin metal fabrication facility, we also specialise in C.N.C. Plasma profiling and Electrostatic Powder Coating Dublin.

Grove Engineering recognise that to be successful there is a need to be adaptable and be able to change to meet our customers demands. Our skilled and experienced staff promise to offer our customers and potential customers a friendly, prompt and personal service at all times.


Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Dublin

At Grove Engineering we are constantly being asked by our customers to provide a finished product without much to go on. Over the years we have expanded our services to include a full in-house design facility to cater for this demand.

Initial out-line briefs can be quickly developed and translated to full working CAD drawings for our CNC machines and fabricators to work from.

Product Realisation at a glance

  • Your concepts and drawings
  • Project analysed for requirements, scope
  • Material ordered, receiving inspections performed
  • Production begins, in process quality inspections performed
  • Finishing touches applied
  • Final inspection conducted
  • Packaged and delivered on time

Custom Metal Design Dublin

Grove Engineering has the experience and resources to facilitate your custom project, from design to production to finishing and finally shipping.

Whether it is a project that is made to your exact specifications or a project that you would like assistance with the design and development, we have the experience to bring your fabrication needs to a finished project.

The process starts with your ideas/concepts and/or drawings, then proceeds to include the following steps:

  • We analysis the project for full understanding of the requirements and scope of the project
  • To guarantee performance and quality, we transform your requirements into controlled work packages for our CNC and Fabricators we work from. For larger processes, work instructions along with quality controls are generated.
  • Materials specific to the project needs will be ordered and inspected upon receipt.
  • Production begins and inspections are conducted for quality assurance.
  • Finishing touches are applied.
  • Final inspections are completed to verify the product meets or exceeds your expectations.
  • The product is properly packaged and shipped, ensuring the delivery is integrated with your production or project schedule.

At Grove Engineering we can design, build and manage your project, from idea to reality.

Check the progress of your custom metal fabrication Dublin project as often as you wish and work directly with our fabricators – we value our customers’ input. The project isn’t finished until you are satisfied.